What We Believe

As a Baptist church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Green Meadows affirms the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message as our statement of faith. Additionally, there are some distinct qualities of this church that we believe are important for visitors and prospective members to understand. 


First, we are a theologically conservative church that believes the Bible, and we are very comfortable with that identity. We are not trying to be progressive or “seeker friendly;” our goal is to be biblical. We believe the Bible is the inerrant, authoritative and authentic Word of God, and it is the source of our theology. We believe that there should be a distinction between the church and the world, and we are not comfortable blurring the lines between the two. 


Second, international missions is the heartbeat of this congregation. Many congregations have  a particular focal point: for some, it is sports ministries, for others, a Christian school or day care. For GMBC, fulfilling the Great Commission through international missions is coded into our Christian DNA. Our children begin studying missions through the Kids On Mission program, our youth work to support international missions, and every student will have at least one opportunity to serve as an international missionary during their four years in the high school ministry. Many of our adults serve yearly in our ongoing work in Honduras. Over 25% of our active members have served on the international mission field in the last three years. Additionally, GMBC church members serve as full-time missionaries in places like Bangladesh and Taiwan, and we support other international missionaries financially, as well. Green Meadows is perennially in the top 2% of all SBC churches in per capita giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions. In December 2018, Green Meadows gave $41,000 to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering - to God be the glory!


Finally, Green Meadows places a strong emphasis on discipleship in our youth and children’s ministries. This does not come at the expense of fun and excitement, it just means that instead of “bells and whistles,” our focus is on “meat and potatoes.” Our pastor points out that the success of children and youth ministries cannot be properly evaluated until years after those students have left the care of those ministries. Did they keep their faith in college? Are they active in a local church? Do they love the Lord? At Green Meadows, we are raising a generation of disciples who love the Lord and obey His Word.