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Announcing Green Meadows Home Groups!

Home Groups fill the need for discipleship, fellowship, and accountability that we all have. It may be awhile before we are able to resume “normal” Sunday school, but in the meantime we want to encourage you to get involved in a Home Group. 


What is a Home Group? A Home Group is a small group of people (anywhere from 3 to 12) that meet in homes, certain larger areas of the church, or other agreed-upon places to study the Bible, pray together, and enjoy Christian fellowship. Most Home Groups will use the same literature as your Sunday school class. A lot of the details will be up to each group to decide on their own: Pizza, potluck, or just coffee? Morning, afternoon, or evening? In the short term, Home Groups will serve the same purpose as your Sunday school class, just on a smaller scale. 


Should I host a Home Group? If you feel comfortable inviting people into your home and can provide an environment with limited distractions, you’re ready to host! Hosts will be chosen primarily based on their location and schedule availability. Hosts are not expected to provide a meal or refreshments for their group, although some may choose to do so. Some groups may also rotate meeting in each other’s homes from one week to another. 


What about my children? The church is providing child care for anyone who needs it at no cost to you!

How can I get involved in a Home Group? Take the survey by clicking the button above or below and answer a few questions about yourself and your schedule and you’ll be invited to join a Home Group soon! Home Groups will be starting in September. 

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